Pulkit Kansal

Brief info

Mr. Pulkit Kansal is Partner in Alpha India Polycrafts.

Mr. Pulkit is zealful young man with thorough training in the disciplines consumer behaviour analysis, marketing research, and B2B marketing. Mr Pulkit is the head of Manufacturing operations at Alpha India Polycrafts.

Mr. Pulkit is a natural leader. He grasps the needs of the consumers and applies the required mechanisms to deliver them. Athletic and confident, he starts each day with a fresh mind, with objectives. Supply chain management, quality control and product integrity are assured on his behalf.

Ankur Agrawal

Ankur Agrawal, Alpha India Polycrafts, Partner

Maximum quality at minimum pricing with short delivery time is our motto!

Amit Agrawal, Happy Client

As a distributor, my experience of the product is exactly what the description says. It is very durable and perfectly designed for the need. It is an investment-worthy product.

Chander Mohan, Happy Client

We poured many types of liquids in the 28ml measuring cap bottle and not a single time the bottle reacted with them. The bottle quality is amazing. I highly recommend to buy it.